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Caramelised Banana and Hazelnut Praline Ganache Recipe

£ 2.50

I was keen to include the recipes for my Scottish Culinary Championships award winning chocolates in the e-books. I developed them over a few months (in between day to day work), trialing and testing various combinations and techniques until I was happy with the final results. I hope you enjoy them as they are, or as inspiration to develop your own more technical ganaches and fillings! You can of course substitute the chocolate used for casting the mould to something you have in stock.

Banana and nuts make a fantastic combination! This recipe requires some equipment and if you are making your own praline, a strong grinder/food processor is notes in the Taystful Chocolate Making Handbook for more information on caramel making. Tempering skills are also required if using a polycarbonate mould.

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