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GOLD Winning Chocolate Showpiece at Scottish Culinary Championships

GOLD Winning Chocolate Showpiece at Scottish Culinary Championships

  • by Shona Sutherland

I am deligted to say I won a GOLD and Best in Class at the Scottish Culinary Championships at ScotHot 2015 in Glasgow on the 4th and 5th of March for my Chocolate Showpiece!

It was a proud moment and a complete surprise since I had originally entered just for the experience and to pick up some hints and tips.

The entries were of a very high standard all round, and generally it was a fantastic couple of days.

The showpiece itself took over 55 hours make (not including planning), the majority of it done on the last 2 days before the show. Planning and sketches however started months ago. With a 4am start to get to the venue with only 2 hours sleep, it is just as well the adreneline was running high!

I felt drawn to do a sealife scene, and wanted to tie this in with a food idea, so the lobster is the 'cooked' orange colour.

 I had great fun with my hotCHOC (Walsh Direct) spray gun making the flocked rough finish on the sea urchins and lobster, and it was a first for me doing the sculpting of the dolphin.

I always love making flowers, and I added in some coral like creations, a 'granite' slab, chocolate rope and some free form 'rocks', all to add texture and colours. See next blog post for some behind the scenes work!

I hope you like it!

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