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Pastry Recipes from Culinary Olympics

Pastry Recipes from Culinary Olympics

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  • by Shona Sutherland

At last, I've got round to getting my IKA Culinary Olympics Hot Kitchen Dessert recipes online! Thanks for your interest, it took a while to refine to the requirements of the competition, but very pleased with the end recipe results, with good feedback from the judges!

Obviously to do all the elements together may seem time consuming, but there are such a variety, they can be used individually or as elements for other dishes. I have adapted some of the methods to suit all kitchens, as I realise not all will have access to Themomix or vac pack machines. (If you do have these facilities, the crème patissière and ice cream mix can be made in a Thermomix and the rhubarb batons vac packed with poaching liquor and steamed briefly). This is for 110 portions, but would be a straight division for less portions. You'd be able to pre-prepare some elements (the rhubarb juice and puree the obvious ones) so the recipes are not made in this order.

This hot kitchen dessert was rhubarb mousse with ginger icecream, pistachio dacquoise, crème patissière filled choux, poached rhubarb, rhubarb gel. (Pistachio puree was also in the dish, but was an Entier/Orry Shand recipe used, so not for me to share).

Thanks Graham Mitchell for taking the dessert pics!

Pistachio Dacquoise for ice cream base

  • 210g egg white
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp cream of tartar
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 196g ground pistachio

Whip egg whites with salt and cream of tartar to soft peak, add sugar and continue to whip to stiff peak.

Fold in ground pistachio.

Spread on to baking sheets, using 3mm spacers as a guide to depth.

Bake 180ºC for approx. 12-14 minutes until only just starting to turn golden and at the stage it will be firm enough to cut.

While cooling, cut with the size 2 tear drop cutter.

Ginger Ice cream 110 teardrops of 10g

  • 135g stem ginger - pureed in a grinder
  • 1000g whipping cream
  • 450g milk
  • 11g stabiliser (Super Neutrose)
  • 385g caster sugar
  • 248g egg yolks

Whisk the stabiliser with 50g of the cold cream, set it aside to rest for 15 minutes.

Whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a large bowl.

Heat ginger, cream and milk to boiling point and pour half of it over the egg and sugar mix, and whisk until incorporated. Pour back in to the pan with the remaining milk and cream, whisk in stabiliser mix, and cook to 75 C, stirring all the time, making sure that the mix doesn't overheat. Immediately pass through a strainer in to another bowl so it stops cooking.

Cool, then churn in an ice cream machine, pipe in to teardrop moulds, place teardrop shaped dacquoise on each one, freeze.

When well frozen, de-mould, spray with mix of cocoa butter, milk choc and caramel choc. Freeze until service.

Rhubarb Mousse 110 portions

  • 1k rhubarb puree (1k fresh rhubarb washed chopped and simmered gently, stirring frequently until tender with 100g water)
  • 160g egg yolks (pasteurised or Red Lion marked)
  • 160g sugar
  • 24g bronze leaf gelatine (soaked)
  • 660g whipping cream – whipped to soft peak

Warm rhubarb puree to 60ºC and stir in soaked gelatine

Whisk egg yolks with sugar until light and fluffy.

Incorporate the puree in to the sabayon.

Fold the sabayon in to the whipping cream.

Pipe in to appropriate moulds (15g mousse and 6g insert, then skim of mousse per 3.5cm cone mould).

Freeze until time to glaze.

Pâte a Choux (will be extra here to make sure you get a good even pipe)

  • 208g water
  • 30g full fat milk
  • 108g butter
  • 240g eggs
  • 132g plain flour
  • 3.5g salt
  • 4.5g sugar

Heat water, butter, milk, salt and sugar in a pan to boiling point. Take off heat, add flour all in one go, and beat well.

Return to heat white beating until it leaves side of pan and begins to crust on the bottom.

Put in a food mixer with beater attachment, mix until slightly cooling, and gradually beat in eggs until smooth (you may not need it all).

Place mix in a plastic bowl, cover with cling film (in contact).

Leave at room temp until ready to use (within an hour).

Use 9mm nozzle to pipe 2.5g portions on silicone mats on trays.

Place craqueline discs (see recipe) on top of each choux – roll with blue 1mm spacers between pvc guitar sheets and cut with 2.4cm round cutter (1 g per disc)

Bake 200ºC for 15 mins (reduce temp after 10 mins). Make hole in base of each and place back in oven at lower temp to dry.

Fill with crème patissière (see recipe), flash through oven and serve with dessert

Rhubarb Glaze 110 portions (plus extra to give sufficient dipping depth)

  • 36g bronze gelatine leaves
  • 792g rhubarb juice unsweetened
  • 90g glucose
  • 90g Trehalosa
  • 540g neutral glaze/nappage
  • Vanilla seeds from pod

Heat rhubarb juice with glucose, trehalose, vanilla and neutral glaze to boiling point.

Stir in the gelatine, pass, cover and use at 22-25ºC on frozen mousse. Place cocktail stick in each mousse, dip each mousse in to glaze in a small jug, dab on cooling rack to remove excess, dab base only on to krispie crumb, place on tray, remove cocktail stick.

Refrigerate mousse until defrosted (2 hours) and serve.

Neutral Glaze (for above recipe)

  • 260g water
  • 238g caster sugar
  • 60g glucose
  • 40g sugar mixed with pectin
  • 8.5g NH pectin mixed with the 40g sugar
  • 4 Pinch citric acid

Heat water with the 238g sugar and glucose to 50°C (so sugar dissolved). Rain (while whisking) in the NH pectin and the 40g sugar mixed together, bring to a boil, add the citric acid and boil for 3-4 minutes. Allow to cool. Refrigerate.

Choc crunch base (110 bases 3.5cm plus trimmings for crushing)

  • 400g W2 Callebaut white chocolate
  • 120g crisped rice
  • 120g feuilletine
  • 8g raspberry freeze dried crumb

Melt choc, stir in krispie, feuilletine and raspberry, press between 2 guitar sheets, use blue spacers on rolling pin to roll until thin. Refrigerate to set. Cut with 3.5cm or other round cutter and place on mousses before freezing.

Crush trimmings in food processor and use to dab each glazed mousse base in to.

Craqueline – (1 g per choux)

  • 57g butter
  • 71g sugar
  • 56g plain flour
  • 16g ground pistachio

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until combined.

Gather in to a paste and roll between guitar sheets until 1mm thick (use blue rings on the rolling pin). Chill, cut, reroll scraps and repeat. 2.3cm for 2.5g choux bun (raw weight).

Crème Patissière (9g per choux)

  • 795g full fat milk
  • 80g unsalted butter
  • 80g plain flour – sifted
  • 160g egg yolks
  • 105g caster sugar
  • 2 vanilla pods scraped

Whisk egg yolks, flour and sugar together.

Heat milk to boiling point with the vanilla, and pour, while whisking, over the egg/flour mix.

Transfer back to the pan, and cook whisking continuously until thickened, over 75C. Whisk in the butter and cover with cling film in contact/cartouche, chill until required to fill the choux. 

Infused Rhubarb Syrup for insert, piping gel and poaching liquor

  • 2600g rhubarb juice (from 6k fresh rhubarb)
  • 750g sugar
  • Orange zest/peel,
  • star anise,
  • vanilla seeds.

Wash, top and tail, chop 6k fresh rhubarb. Simmer with sugar, orange peel, star anise and vanilla until juices release.

Strain and use for appropriate recipe.

Rhubarb Gel for insert and piping gel

  • 1200g + 660g = 1860g rhubarb syrup (see recipe)
  • 12g + 7g = 19g agar agar powder

Place the rhubarb syrup and agar into pan and allow 10 minutes for the agar to activate

Bring mixture to the boil, boil for 1-2 minutes, pass.

Pour into shallow container, allow to set in fridge/blast chiller before blitzing to a smooth puree. Pipe appropriate amount  in to mini cone moulds for inserts and freeze. Keep the remainder in fridge for service to decorate plates.

Poached Rhubarb Batons

2 kilo fresh forced rhubarb Rhubarb syrup (see recipe)

Wash, top tail and peel the rhubarb.

Place strips in a shallow heatproof tray/pan and poach for a few minutes, should still hold shape well.

Chill, cover and leave to infuse.

Before service, drain and cut in to small batons.

Cocoa butter and tan spray for ice cream

  • 100g cocoa butter, 50g caramel choc, 50g milk choc - warm together to 45ºC.

Warm equip and choc to 45ºC, and spray on to frozen icecream.

Tempered white chocolate décor

Temper chocolate, make spirals – cut guitar sheet in to 8, spread with choc, have long side nearest you, use multiwheel cutter set at 1.75cm to cut away, then on slant for long triangles. Place piece of guitar sheet on top, roll round 4cm pipe diagonally left to right. Sellotape and chill. Place against rhubarb mousse, central.

Silver leaf for tip of choc décor (optional)

NB: these recipes are given in good faith, and there are many factors which can affect the outcome, so make sure you try and test in your own environment in small quantities so you ascertain it is correct for your usage, or adjust accordingly.

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