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Scottish Culinary Championships 2019 - ScotHot

Scottish Culinary Championships 2019 - ScotHot

  • by Shona Sutherland

I was delighted to be involved with the judging at ScotHot this year! I was helping judge several classes in the pastry art/static sections and the 'Live Gateau' competition.

After winning several medals in 2015 and 2017, it was a dream come true to be able to see things from the other side so to speak.

There were lots of stunning entries this year, which of course made the judging extremely difficult!

It was great to see participants from many different avenues - culinary team members, individual entrants from establishments, college students and the self employed.

I was so lucky to be working alongside the best chefs and judges in Scotland, plus it was lovely to meet talented chefs relatively new to judging at this level too!

I loved every minute, and especially providing feedback, encouraging entrants to raise the bar on their work (if needed), and how to tackle it!

In addition to this, the live hot kitchen competitions are an exciting watch, and among many classes of hot food produced, the biggest draws are the 'Scottish Chef of the Year' and 'Junior Scottish Chef of the Year' finals.

I was delighted to see Orry Shand of Entier (winner) and Jamie Mackinnon from the Seafood Ristorante (runner up) do so well, plus Joe Reddie of St Andrews Links, under mentorship of Robbie Penman the Culinary Team Manager, winning the junior section. I feel privileged to be working with them on the upcoming Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart in February 2020!

Here are a few images from the very special 2 days there!

For more information on the Federation of Chefs Scotland, view the website here!

Some examples from the competition

Some more examples

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